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Other stories by David Utterback

  • Solutions to Common Framing Problems

    Even experienced framers make mistakes. A wood-frame expert cites some of the most common errors he’s seen, and provides practical solutions for each.

  • Q&A: Truss Uplift Solutions

    Q: What would cause the sole plate of a nonbearing partition wall to pull away from the subfloor? The wall is nailed into roof trusses where they cross it above. There is no sag in the floor system below.

  • Common Roof-Framing Errors

    A wood-frame expert takes us on a tour of the most common mistakes made by roof framers, and shows how to do it right.

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    Q: Do you need to put a nail in every joist hanger hole? And do you have to use special hanger nails?

  • Troubleshooting Wood Siding

    Errors in selection, installation, or finishing can spell ruin for wood siding. A wood products field representative tells how to avoid the most common mistakes.

  • Q&A: Wood Siding Over Rigid Foam

    Q: The Journal’s panel of experts answers the most commonly asked questions from the job site.

  • Field Guide to Common Framing Errors

    In traveling to sites around the country, this field rep sees a lot of framing failures that could have been easily prevented.