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Other stories by David Frane

  • Gentlemen, Start Your Trowels!

    With those words, the competitors in the fifth annual Bricklayer 500 were off and laying brick at a pace never seen on job sites.

  • On the Job: Salt-Finished Concrete

    Salt-finished concrete

  • Plumber's Worst Nightmare: A Five-Ton Tub

    Architects like Roger Hopkins. Carpenters and electricians like him, too. But plumbers? They hate him. It's not that they don't appreciate his stone benches and garden sculpture — but they're the ones who have to install the sinks and tubs he carves from giant boulders.

  • World's Smallest Tract Homes?

    Construction competition

  • Toolbox

    LVLs in crawlspaces; insulating knee walls; taping knee walls; limits on outlets

  • Who Says There's No Free Lunch?

    Homemade biodiesel

  • Tool Test: Portable Thickness Planers

    We compare seven popular thickness planers for cutting capacity, power, quality of cut, portability, and noise output. Here's how they stack up.

  • Spray Foam Insulation

    Forget the separate air barrier, and hold the vapor retarder: Sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam takes the place of both and offers increased structural stiffness as well as other benefits

  • 10-Inch Portable Table Saws

    The newest 10-inch job-site table saws combine the rip capacity of contractor models with the portability of 81/4-inch machines. JLC compares seven models.

  • Tool Test: Fixed-Base Routers

    Fixed-base routers now come with variable-speed switches, soft-start, and precision depth control. Here's a review of available models.