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Other stories by David Frane

  • Tool Test: Plate Joiners

    Biscuit joiners are useful for making tight, flush miters, attaching windowsills and jamb extensions, and building cabinets on site. This hands-on comparison will help you choose the one that’s right for you.

  • New Portable Table Saws

    Three tool makers have introduced new portable table saws with wider rip capacities, more accurate adjustments, and other new features. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.

  • On-Site With Fiber-Cement Siding

    We take a close look at handling, cutting, installing, and painting fiber-cement to see how it compares with traditional lap siding.

  • New 15-Guage Finish Nailers

    We take a close look at the features and compare the performance of nine new trim nailers.

  • Toolbox: Cordless Recip Saws

    A look at cordless reciprocating saws

  • Detail: Site-Built Storm Doors

    To avoid the delay of special-ordering odd-sized storm doors, this carpenter used stock lumber and standard tools to build his own.

  • Products

    Double-bevel compound miter saw, graded glulams, all-in-one surge protector for the panel, versatile cable stripper

  • New-Tech Tools and Materials

    A survey of new tools, products, and materials that can increase productivity and profit on your next job.

  • Truck Bed Toolboxes

    Nothing gets more abuse than the toolbox in your pickup, so you might as well buy smart the first time. We take a close look at the steel and aluminum boxes on the market today, and make recommendations on construction details to look for.

  • Products

    Ten-year smoke detector, temporary plastic door latch, quiet attic fan, vinyl railing system