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Other stories by David Frane

  • Toolbox: Testing 14.4-Volt Cordless Drills

    14.4-volt cordless drills

  • Framing Details for Wood Shrinkage

    When a house frame shrinks, it can leave bumps and dips in the floor, cause doors to bind, and open cracks in drywall and casing joints. Proper selection of materials and attention to framing details can keep these problems to a minimum.

  • Working with Architects

    Builders and architects need not be adversaries. These tips from an experienced site foreman show how common courtesy, planning, and a respect for the design process can promote a spirit of cooperation.

  • Sturdy Site-Built Stairs

    Sawn-carriages are strong and easy to build, but housed-stringers hide shrinkage better. A finish carpenter explains a method for building stairs that takes advantage of both approaches.

  • Transit Tips

    A finish carpentry foreman explains how to use a transit for fast, accurate layout of framing and finish work.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Hidden Drawer Slides

  • Kitchen & Bath: Custom Cabinets From Stock Parts

    Building cabinets from components

  • Scribing for a Perfect Fit

    Some finish carpentry installations leave no room for error — like fitting a built-in desktop into a three-sided nook. These two techniques guarantee accuracy in even the tightest situations.

  • Finish Carpentry Quality Standards

    More and more architects and designers are using AWI standards in their specs. A custom builder explains how he uses these published standards to consistently produce high-quality woodwork.

  • Getting a Grip on Railing Codes

    Railing codes are strict when it comes to strength and safety, but flexible about handrail profiles. A builder looks at the current regs and how they may be changing.