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Other stories by Emanuel Silva

  • New Joists for an Old Floor

    The best remedy for a sagging out-of-level floor is putting in new LVL joists and engineered subfloor.

  • Dressing up Porch Posts With PVC

    Pre-fabrication on the work bench makes wrapping porch posts with PVC trim fast and easy.

  • Getting Started with TPO Roofing

    This tougher alternative to rubber membrane can be installed without adhesive

  • Flashing and Trimming a Window

    This methodical approach speeds the work and guarantees a durable, weathertight installation

  • Shoring a Sagging Floor

    Use the right tools and a methodical approach to get the job done quickly.

  • Replacing a Bulkhead Door

    Proper flashing and a solid base of pressure-treated lumber and cellular PVC promise long life

  • Smooth Window Replacement

    In this article I'll describe the method I use to install replacement windows - a method developed over 15 years and hundreds of windows.

  • Restoring an Old Porch

    Solid piers, strengthened framing, and durable finish materials promise a long life for this rejuvenated beauty.

  • Working With Sonotubes

    Every porch or deck I build starts with level footings and solid, plumb concrete piers - insurance that my projects will stand for many years to come.

  • On the Job

    A weathertight basement door; matching asbestos siding