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Other stories by Fernando Pagés Ruiz

  • Lighting Facts Label

    Since January 1, 2012, the FTC has required manufacturers to display a "Lighting Facts Label" on the packaging for medium screw-base LEDs.

  • Q&A: Fixing a Noisy Condo

    Q. Fixing a Noisy Condo I'm renovating a condominium that shares a wall with the adjoining unit. Sound from the neighboring unit the ringing telephone, the dishwasher, and especially the TV travels right through the double 2x4 common wall, which has fire-rated drywall sheathing on one of the...

  • Habla Espanol?

    The ability to communicate in Spanish could become your most valuable job-site tool.

  • Getting Rid of That Smoky Smell

    Q. Getting Rid of That Smoky Smell In a recently purchased house, one of the bedrooms was used as a smoking room by a previous owner and still smells of cigarette smoke. To get rid of the odor, my clients washed the floors, walls, ceiling, and all the win