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Other stories by Gary Katz

  • Dressing Up A Garage Door

    Wooden “skins” add a classy touch to an insulated steel overhead door

  • Installing Interior PVC Trim

    Tips on smoothing routed surfaces and gluing joints

  • Running Crown Production Style

    For an efficient job, install the crown in a logical order and control every step of the process

  • Upgrading a Pocket-Hole Jig

    Q: Recently I discovered that my faithful Kreg pocket-hole jig somehow got "lost" on my last job site. I want to replace it. Is upgrading to the Foreman pocket-hole cutter worthwhile, or should I just stick with the same jig?

  • A Curved Coffered Ceiling

    Precise backing, flexible moldings, and a lot of patience got the job done.

  • Hidden Hinge Options

    Q: We have a client who would like interior door hinges that are totally hidden when the door is closed. Are there any hidden hinges available that are relatively easy to install and have some adjustability?

  • A Door in Disguise

    This bookcase masks a hidden storage closet.

  • Tool Test: 23-Gauge Pin Nailers

    These guns allow you to fasten the smallest trim pieces without splitting, and they leave nearly invisible holes.

  • Hinge Mortise Templates

    Q. What's the advantage of using a router fitted with a template guide bushing to cut hinge mortises? Why not just use a flush-cutting pilot bit and a flush-type template?

  • Q&A: Do Door Jambs Need Shims?

    Q. When I install prehung and precased doors, I use shims to plumb both the hinge and strike jambs before nailing off the casing. But I've been on jobs where the carpenters plumb the hinge side of the door and then nail the prehung casing solid to the stu