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Other stories by Gary%20Katz

  • Making Long Trim From MDF

    Q. Because it's a lot cheaper than most primed stock, I'd like to use MDF for running trim. But that means I'll have a lot more butt joints, especially if I use 8-foot sheets, which I find to be more manageable on site than 10- or 12-foot sheets, which we can also get. What's a good way to make...

  • Installing Your Basic Pocket-Door Kit

    Get the sequence right and you can make serious time.

  • On the Job: Jig for Fast Jack Miters

    Jig for fast jack miters

  • Eurekazone Expandable Layup Table and Saw Guide

    Eurekazone expandable layup table and saw guide; landscaping tools; measuring tools

  • Tool Test: Door Planers for Door Hangers

    A good fence, versatile controls, and a long base for controlling snipe are key.

  • Quicker Coffered Ceilings

    This production-oriented method greatly speeds this common ceiling treatment without sacrificing construction quality or aesthetics.

  • Estimating Finish Carpentry

    A simple spreadsheet is the backbone of this estimating method, but the daily job log provides the critical labor data to ensure accurate, profitable bids.

  • Right Tools for Hanging Doors

    Q. I typically use prehung doors, but I'm building a project where I'll need to hang a dozen or more 13/8-inch 6-8 interior door slabs in 3/4-inch-thick custom poplar jambs. I also have to bore and install the cylinder passage sets. Could you advise me ho

  • Running Crown on Cathedral Ceilings

    A finish carpenter describes the pros and cons of four techniques for installing crown molding on a cathedral or vaulted ceiling.

  • Simple Frame & Panel Trim

    With detailed planning and a few specialized tools, Craftsman-style wood paneling can be created on a production schedule and moderate budget.