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Other stories by Gary Katz

  • Q&A: Do Door Jambs Need Shims?

    Q. When I install prehung and precased doors, I use shims to plumb both the hinge and strike jambs before nailing off the casing. But I've been on jobs where the carpenters plumb the hinge side of the door and then nail the prehung casing solid to the stu

  • Making Long Trim From MDF

    Q. Because it's a lot cheaper than most primed stock, I'd like to use MDF for running trim. But that means I'll have a lot more butt joints, especially if I use 8-foot sheets, which I find to be more manageable on site than 10- or 12-foot sheets, which we can also get. What's a good way to make...

  • Installing Your Basic Pocket-Door Kit

    Get the sequence right and you can make serious time.

  • On the Job: Jig for Fast Jack Miters

    Jig for fast jack miters

  • Eurekazone Expandable Layup Table and Saw Guide

    Eurekazone expandable layup table and saw guide; landscaping tools; measuring tools

  • Tool Test: Door Planers for Door Hangers

    A good fence, versatile controls, and a long base for controlling snipe are key.

  • Quicker Coffered Ceilings

    This production-oriented method greatly speeds this common ceiling treatment without sacrificing construction quality or aesthetics.

  • Estimating Finish Carpentry

    A simple spreadsheet is the backbone of this estimating method, but the daily job log provides the critical labor data to ensure accurate, profitable bids.

  • Right Tools for Hanging Doors

    Q. I typically use prehung doors, but I'm building a project where I'll need to hang a dozen or more 13/8-inch 6-8 interior door slabs in 3/4-inch-thick custom poplar jambs. I also have to bore and install the cylinder passage sets. Could you advise me ho

  • Running Crown on Cathedral Ceilings

    A finish carpenter describes the pros and cons of four techniques for installing crown molding on a cathedral or vaulted ceiling.