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Other stories by Harris Hyman

  • Bigger Spans & Heavier Loads

    How to work with bar joists, concrete decks, and other structural systems you'll encounter in light-commercial.

  • Building With Brick

    A look at materials and methods of brick-veneer construction.

  • Bracing Walls: What Works Best?

    Looking into T-strapping, plywood corners, and old-fashioned let-in scrapping to keep your buildings from racking.

  • Son of Ultrathin Slabs

    Since Harris’s last report on these innovative slabs in July of ‘85, several have been put to the test, and so far look pretty good...

  • Tuning Up New Heating Systems

    By Harris Hyman. If you think that a new, engineered heating system is going to work flawlessly from the day it's installed, you're in for a surprise—and a callback.

  • The Art & Science of Stair Design

    A successful set of stairs is so comfortable you don't notice it, says engineer Harris Hyman. And here's how…

  • Delicate Demolition

    There's more to demolition than sawing, sledging and hoping for the b est. Engineer Harris Hyrnan reviews the principles and techniques of removing part of a standing structure.

  • Passive Solar Stages a Comeback

    Others say that solar is dead, but Harris Hyman is convinced it's on the rebound. Energy-efficient window glazings are mak- ing the difference, he says.

  • Designing Roofs for Snow Load

    Engineer Harris Hyman offers some guidelines and tells when it might be all right to break some of the rules.

  • Steel vs. Wood

    As steel begins to gain ground in the light-construction industry, Harris Hyman finds little to cheer about — at least for now. A look at the pros and cons of each system.