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Other stories by Harrison McCampbell

  • Brick Veneer That Works

    Strategies for avoiding failure

  • The Case of the Leaky Sunspace and the Brick Wall

    For years water dripped into offices housed in a glass enclosure -- for days after rainstorms had stopped. Do you know why and how to fix it?

  • Troubleshooting Brick Veneer

    Diagnose the flashing flaws that allow moisture to get into the cavity and ruin sheathing, framing, and interior finishes, then correct them once and for all.

  • Mounting an Ornamental Iron Railing

    Q: The low-slope roof on the addition I'm building has an ornamental iron railing at the edge. Since the roof won't be used as a deck, it's just there for appearance.

  • Nail Pops in Shingles

    Q. What causes nail pops in asphalt roofing shingles? Where I live, in the South, this seems to be a common occurrence. Is this an expansion/contraction problem? Are the wrong kinds of nails being used?

  • Q&A: Venting Bath Fan Into Soffit Not a Good Idea

    Q. It has become common practice in new construction around Nashville to vent bathroom fans into a nearby soffit. One problem is that the vent often gets covered with vinyl or metal soffit because the siding crew doesn't want to cut a hole in the finished

  • Q&A: Drooling Drip-Edge

    Q. Most of the houses we build have 12/12 roofs with plumb fascias. Even though our roofer uses drip-edge, water still sometimes drools down the fascias. What are we doing wrong?

  • Q&A: Shingle Overhang

    Q: How far beyond the drip-edge should an asphalt shingle extend? Is the amount of overhang the same at the rake as at the eave?

  • Q&A: EPDM vs. Modified Bitumen Roofing

    Q: Why is EPDM roofing so much more expensive than torch-applied modified bitumen? Is EPDM roofing that much better?

  • Q&A: Rx for Freezing Downspout

    Q: A customer has a building with a nearly flat roof surrounded by a parapet. The roof drains to a single scupper, which conducts the water to a downspout. Ice builds up regularly in the downspout, and the water backs up and spills down the wall. What’s t