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Other stories by Henri deMarne

  • Case Study: Roof Ventilation Retrofit

    If you’ve ever considered skimping on ventilation details, think again. This moisture-damaged roof system is an extreme case, but it teaches an important lesson about doing the job right the first time.

  • Wood Shakes & Shingles

    They’re pretty to look at, but they may not last as long as expected unless installed properly and maintained.

  • Defeating Ice Dams

    They tear up roofs and stain ceilings across the snow belt. But ice dams should stay away if you follow these guidelines.

  • Bathroom Venting that Works

    In cold climates, a badly installed bathroom fan can be worse than none at all. Here’s how to do it right.

  • Case in Point: The Cure for Rising Trusses

    The trouble with trusses

  • Keeping the Paint On

    Remedies for the age-old problems of peeling, blistering, and bleeding-through of paint.

  • Wood Shakes and Shingles

    They’re pretty to look at, but may not last long unless installed right and maintained.

  • Raising the Roof

    How to lift a 40-foot-long roof, add a second story, and put it all back together in a day’s work.

  • Leakproof Basements

    Exotic and costly materials are not needed to make a leakproof basement—just good sense and careful workmanship.