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Other stories by Henri de Marne

  • Rain Screen Siding Retrofit

    Moisture trapped behind wood siding can cause the finish to fail and the siding itself to cup and buckle. In extreme cases, the sheathing and structure below may deteriorate. Leaving an air space behind the siding is the best way to prevent these problems.

  • Q&A: Repainting Greasy Walls

    Q: I occasionally need to repaint kitchen walls that have a thin buildup of grease on them. Are there any products available that will cut through this film so I can apply latex or polyurethane?

  • Q&A: Wide Ridge Vent

    Q: I have a job with a ridge beam built-up out of four pieces of LVL. Is there a ridge vent available that will span the wide opening this requires in the roof?

  • Q&A: Cupping Clapboards Over Foam Sheathing

    Q: We were recently called in to make siding repairs on a five-year-old home. The wall system consisted of 1/2x6-inch beveled cedar siding fastened over 1-inch foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam, 2x4 studs with R-11 unfaced fiberglass batts, and an interior poly vapor barrier covered by 1/2-inch...

  • Q&A: Cathedral Ceiling Vapor Barrier

    Q: The house I’m building has a cathedral ceiling framed with wood I-joists, continuous ventilation at the soffit, and a continuous ridge vent. The ceiling inside will be T&G pine. I plan to use R-38 Kraft-faced fiberglass batts (which will allow a 1 1/2-inch air space between the roof sheathing...

  • Q&A: Repairing Rotten Sheathing & Siding

    Q: We recently encountered crumbling waferboard sheathing, which had been installed right down to grade. This sheathing wicked water about two feet up the wall of an enclosed porch. The clapboards and sills were so rotten they fell apart in our hands, but the rest of the wall appears sound. If the...

  • Q&A: Protecting Below-Grade Framing

    Q: We are building an addition and want the floor levels between the old and new living areas to line up. However, this would put the floor framing slightly below the existing grade. Is there a foundation flashing detail to protect the floor framing and siding in this case?

  • Preventing Ice Dam Leaks

    With heavy snow and unusually cold temperatures, heat loss from skylights can cause ice dams and leaks, even on vented roofs. When you can’t prevent ice dams, here’s how to protect against the leaks they can cause.

  • Q&A: Cure for Wet Basement

    Q: We are working on a house with water in the basement. The homeowner got a bid from a specialty contractor for a comprehensive dewatering system that includes injecting a coating around the outside (without digging up the soil) and cutting the slab to install an interior perimeter drain connected...

  • Case in Point: Better Building Techniques

    New building technologies have their place.