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Other stories by Henry Spies

  • Q&A: Spacing of T&G Plywood

    Q: How should tongue-and-groove plywood be laid? Do you have to account for expansion between sheets?

  • Q&A: Shingling Over Tar and Gravel

    Q: I would like to replace a tar and gravel roof with asphalt shingles. What is the best way to strip off the old roof? Or can I avoid stripping the roof and sheath over the tar and gravel?

  • Q&A: How Soon Can Forms Be Stripped

    Q: How soon can concrete forms be stripped from a foundation wall? Can we build on them as soon as they’re stripped?

  • Q&A: Design Values For Site-Made Beams

    Q: How do you calculate the load-carrying capacity of plywood strips in a site-laminated plywood and lumber header or beam?

  • Q&A: Is Aluminum Wiring Safe?

    Q: I had never seen aluminum wiring before I encountered it on a recent remodel. Is aluminum compatible with copper wiring? Should the aluminum wiring be replaced?

  • Q&A: Removing Tiles from Plywood

    Q: What is the best way to remove mastic-adhered ceramic tiles from plywood without ruining the subfloor?

  • Q&A: Training for Home Inspection

    Q: I am a contractor hoping to diversify into the home inspection business. What would be the best way to gain the necessary education and proper certification?

  • Q&A: Floor Insulation Over Slabs

    Q: We are remodeling a basement apartment and want to lay a wide plank floor on sleepers over a slab. What is the best way to insulate the floor? Should we install a vapor barrier? If so, where?

  • Q&A: Can Fibers Replace Wire Mesh in Slabs?

    Q: Can polypropylene fiber additives (such as Fibermesh) be used instead of welded wire mesh in concrete slabs?

  • Q&A: Fire Ratings for Engineered Lumber

    Q: Do laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and wood I-beams have a lower fire rating than conventional wood framing members? If so, have the model codes addressed this?