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Other stories by Howard Brickman

  • Controlling the Moisture Content of Wood Flooring

    Q: What's the proper procedure for acclimating wood flooring to the moisture content of a building before installation?

  • Installing a Wood Parquet Floor

    Assessing the moisture content and surface condition of the slab was the critical first step.

  • Q&A: Wood Floors in the Kitchen

    Q. I have a customer who insists on having red oak strip flooring in her kitchen. I’ve tried to talk her into a more durable, scrubbable flooring, but she won’t hear it. Is there anything that the floor finisher should do differently to protect the oak floor?

  • Q&A: Finishing a Pine Floor

    Q: I am installing 1x12-inch-wide Eastern white pine flooring throughout a new home, including the kitchen. Since the flooring is used in high-traffic areas, I want to choose a finish that will provide long service. What do you recommend?

  • Q&A: Laying a Hardwood Floor Parallel to the Joists

    Q: For aesthetic reasons, I would like to run 3/4x3-inch oak strip flooring parallel to the floor joists, instead of perpendicular as is typical. Is there any reason I can’t do it? The subfloor is 3/4-inch tongue-and-groove plywood.

  • Installing Hardwood Strip Flooring

    A flooring expert provides tips and tricks for installing perfect hardwood floors over plywood and concrete.

  • Q&A: Sanding Cupped Floors

    Q: Recently we installed a new oak strip floor during renovation of an old unoccupied house, and now the floor has permanently cupped. The house is built over a fairly damp crawlspace and has diagonal board floor sheathing. The original yellow pine flooring was badly damaged by termites, so we laid...

  • Q&A: Attaching Metal Roofing

    Q: When installing metal roof panels, should you screw or nail, and should the fasteners go through the flats or the ribs of the roof profile?

  • Detail: Making Curved Flooring on Site

    When the job calls for radiused flooring, consider this simple method, from a veteran flooring contractor, for site-bending hardwood to match the curve.

  • Q&A: Insulated Wood Floor Over Concrete

    Q: We are looking for a detail for laying a wood floor over a previously uninsulated slab. What’s the best way to go about this?