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Other stories by JLC%20Staff

  • Best Practices: Decks - Railings & Connections

    Plain or fancy, a deck guardrail must meet minimum requirements for strength and safety.

  • Best Practices: Decks - Stairs

    By code in most jurisdictions, a deck stairway must be at least 36 inches wide.

  • Straight Answers About Efficient Windows

    Four independent experts weigh in on low-E coatins, orientation-specific glazing, window-selection tools, and more

  • Roof Truss Repair

    Field repairs should always be designed by an engineer

  • Cutting Holes in Sheathing

    Openings in a braced wall could interrupt the load path

  • Innovative Products 2009

    A roundup of tools and materials found on the floor at JLC Live in Providence, R.I .

  • Safety Lessons

    Working safely may cost a few dollars in the short run, but the ultimate price of an on-the-job accident can be incalculable. Five construction veterans tell what went wrong for them, and why.

  • Closing Contract Loopholes

    Unfortunately, even the most iron-clad contract may have holes — until you plug them. A group of builders share clauses that they added to their contracts after getting stung by a client.

  • Plumbing Pitfalls For Bathroom Remodels

    From corroded pipes and antique fixtures to limited access and impossible working conditions, bath remodels in older homes present a variety of budget-busting obstacles. Here’s a checklist of the most common problem areas.