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Other stories by Jay Meunier

  • Q&A: Foundation Wall Cracks

    Q: Within 60 days of pouring a concrete basement, some vertical cracks appeared. The cracks are between 1/32 inch and 1/16 inch wide, and extend from the top of the foundation wall down about 4 to 5 feet. My subcontractor tells me that the foundation is s

  • Q&A: Fibermesh Reinforcement

    Q: I’m working on a project with a 2-inch thick colored concrete topping slab installed over a 5-inch thick structural slab on grade. There will be #15 felt installed between the two slabs, so they can move independently. I am considering using fibermesh to minimize cracks in the topping slab. If I...

  • Q&A: Foundation Trench Near Concrete Driveway

    Q: Our remodeling company has contracted to do a room addition that will be elevated over an existing concrete driveway. We will need to install a concrete footing at the edge of the existing driveway slab. I’m worried that when we excavate for the footing, the fill under the slab will cave into...