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Other stories by Joe Stoddard

  • How to Conduct a Job Start Review

    If you work with employees or subs, you need to be clear about what, exactly, the project entails and when it's expected to be completed. Everyone needs to understand. This job start package lays it all out.

  • Personal Dashboard

    Setting up a single screen with your calendar, email, and links to your favorite websites can save you hours of surfing.

  • Bring Your Own Device

    BYOD is nothing new, but the potential effects on businesses are changing fast. Learn more about this trend that favors the smartphone over traditional hardware on the job site.

  • Using Evernote to Manage Your Business

    An introduction to the features of Evernote, a cloud-based application for storing, tagging, and retrieving text, images, audio, and other information on a computer or mobile device.

  • App of the Month: Hello

    You can say goodbye to typing with this contact management app from Evernote, with it excellent text recognition.

  • Business Management Via Smartphone

    Joe Stoddard offers tips and app suggestions so you can effectively manage your business using your smartphone or tablet.

  • CloudMagic App

    Looking for a single gateway to all your company's data? The CloudMagic app lets you view, search, and act on your data--email, contacts, files, calendar, etc.--scattered across various services from multiple devices.

  • Getting Started With Virtual Hosted Desktops

    Joe Stoddard offers guidance on using virtual desktops for your business.

  • Using Save-and-Sync for Backup and More

    Online backup systems like Carbonite and MozyPro do a great job of protecting your data from a catastrophic loss, but that's about all they're good for.

  • Getting Started with Flowcharts and Process Mapping

    Free and inexpensive webware to help you create flowcharts.