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Other stories by John Carroll

  • Solo Installation of Crown Molding

    Techniques developed over the course of 25 years on the job take the place of a helper.

  • The Extractor Nail Puller

    Because it grabs nails without cutting through the nail shank, The Extractor can help with deconstruction work where you want to preserve the materials for reuse.

  • Convenient Metal-Cutting Miter Saw

    Perfect for general carpentry, this easy-to-use saw slices through non-ferrous metals with ease, delivering clean, burr-free cuts.

  • Low-Profile Sidewall Flashing

    A less obtrusive and more durable alternative to kick-out flashings

  • Reusing Salvaged Brick

    Old bricks are risky for exterior use; save them for interior projects, and use the proper mortar

  • Hanging Drywall with a Crew of One

    With a few specialized tools and techniques, you can cost-effectively hang drywall by yourself.

  • Cricket Retrofit

    A downslope chimney without a diverter is guaranteed to leak.

  • Do Brick-Veneer Weeps Need Screens?

    Q: hen installing weep holes in brick veneer, should I worry about insects or mice getting in through the openings? I've seen advertisements for manufactured weep-hole covers, which seem like a good idea if this is actually a problem, but a waste of time

  • Stained Plaster Repair

    Q: What's the best way to remove a water stain from a sand-finish plaster ceiling? The plaster was applied over electric radiant-heating cable stapled to Gypboard backing, with a sand finish that won't tolerate any rubbing. Could we use a tinted wash that

  • Block-Laying Basics

    Masonry techniques aren't hard to learn and can be valuable on small jobs