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Other stories by Jon%20Vara

  • Backfill

    When small was beautiful

  • The View From Above

    In its few years of existence, the virtual globe program Google Earth — which allows anyone with Internet access and a personal computer to zoom in on recent satellite images of almost any point on the earth's surface — has attracted millions of enthusiastic users.

  • Hammer Museum

    Most carpenters still carry a hammer on their toolbelt. But even those who pound a nail the old way once in a while would probably admit, if pressed, that hammers are beginning to seem sort of, well, last century.

  • The Truth About Thomas Crapper

    It sounds like a straightforward trivia question: Was the flush toilet invented by a Victorian Englishman named Thomas Crapper, and is his name the source of the slang expression for that invention?

  • Ramping Up

    Handicapped-accessible treehouses

  • Success With Spanish-Speaking Employees

    Three builders who employ mostly Spanish-speaking workers answer questions about communication, safety, cultural differences, and other matters.

  • Catch a Falling Star

    New remodeler's specialty — repairing meteorite damage

  • Paver Art

    Custom concrete pavers

  • Hull-House Remodel

    Life in a boat

  • Making the Markup Move

    Are you charging what your work is worth? Seven veteran builders tell how they learned to stop undercharging and get serious about turning a profit.