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Other stories by Joseph Lstiburek

  • Water-Managed Wall Systems

    No siding is waterproof, and windows can leak. So we need a backup system, and building scientist Joseph Lstiburek has the details.

  • Controlling Moisture in Mixed Climates

    In climates that require both heating and cooling, humidity presents special problems for builders no matter what the season. These wall details will prevent damage to finishes and structural components from interior and exterior moisture.

  • Q&A: Exterior Foam and Moisture Problems

    Q: If I use foam insulation board on the exterior of a wood-framed building, will it cause condensation within the walls?

  • How Insulation Can Peel Your Paint

    Peeling exterior paint is a New England tradition cherished by few. New studies show how insulation adds to the problem, and what to do about it.