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Other stories by Lynn%20Underwood

  • Floor Level of the Garage

    Q: Can the floor of an attached garage be at the same elevation as the floor of adjacent living space, or does there have to be a step down into the garage?

  • Window Seats and Safety Glass

    While trimming out a room during a remodeling job, the homeowner asked me to build a window seat. Does the window above the seat now have to be fitted with tempered safety glass?

  • Are Windows Required in Basements?

    Q: We’d like to start building basements with precast concrete panels, but we’ve been running into resistance from local code officials. Are basement windows required when a house is built with a full foundation?

  • Burying Electrical Wiring In Attic Insulation

    Q: I know that knob-and-tube wiring can't be covered with insulation, but what about BX cable and joist-mounted junction boxes? Are there any restrictions on blowing cellulose insulation into an attic and burying the cable and junction boxes?

  • Finishes for Garages

    Q. Are there any code-approved sheathing materials for a garage under a living space other than the typical 5/8-inch drywall? My clients complain that drywall doesn't hold up well in our environment, so I'm wondering if fire-retardant plywood would be a good substitute if the joints are properly...

  • Does a Bathroom Fan/Light/Heater Unit Require a Separate Circuit?

    Q: Can a fan/light/heater unit be placed on the same circuit as the bathroom's required 20-amp receptacles, or does it require its own separate circuit?