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Other stories by Michael Purser

  • Treat or Replace Pet-Stained Subfloor?

    Should subflooring that has been stained with dog urine be torn out and replaced before a new hardwood floor is installed?

  • Refinishing an Inlaid Wood Floor

    Q: I'm refinishing a 70-year-old oak floor with inlaid mahogany accents. Some areas are damaged and need a few minor patches. How can I maintain the contrast between the oak and the mahogany while minimizing color variations between new and old material?

  • Fixing Voids in Engineered Flooring

    Q. A subcontractor glued down 4 1/2-inch-wide plank engineered flooring on a concrete slab-on-grade using flooring adhesive applied with a V-notch trowel. But the instructions on the bucket indicated that a 1/4-inch square notched trowel should have been

  • Restoring Wood Floors Without Sanding

    Preserve the patina and renew the luster of wood floors using only a buffer

  • Q&A: Dealing With a Peeling Floor Finish

    Q. Dealing With a Peeling Floor Finish Recently, I removed wall-to-wall carpeting from an older maple floor finished with (I presume) polyurethane. While the finish had some paint splatters and stains, the flooring itself looked to be in good shape, so I simply scuff-sanded it with a pole sander...

  • Refinishing Faded Wood Floors

    Q. My 7-year-old hardwood floor needs to be refinished because the stain faded from the sun. I was hoping to restain it with a product that could withstand direct sunlight. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Q&A: Various Recoating Wood Floors

    Q. We're renovating a home with hardwood floors that are somewhat worn and lack luster but don't seem to need resanding. Is there a way to restore the finish without sanding?

  • Q&A: Waterborne vs.Oil-Modified Floor Finishes

    Q. Which type of floor finish provides the most durable coating, oil-based polyurethanes or water-based polyurethanes?

  • Q&A: Will Wax Protect Wood Floors?

    Q. I'm building a new home for a couple who want to finish their hardwood floors with wax, the way it used to be done. When they recently refinished the polyurethane-topped floors in their existing home, they were upset that they had to move all their fur

  • Tips for a Perfect Floor Finish

    A second generation floor finisher tells how to control job-site temperature and humidity for a durable floor finish every time.