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Other stories by Michael%20Byrne

  • Q&A: Tiling Over Old Linoleum

    Q. Is it okay to tile over an old linoleum floor? I'm concerned that the tiles might contain asbestos.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Prepping Wood-Framed Floors for Tile

    Prepping wood-framed floors for tile

  • Q&A: Steam Room Details

    Q. My customer wants to have her combination steam room–shower tiled with a nonglazed floor and wall tile she has already purchased. Is the tile suitable for this type of application? I would use Hardie’s Tile Backer for a substrate and the appropriate thinset mortar.

  • Q&A: Tile Over Painted Concrete

    Q: Can I install ceramic tile over a painted concrete floor without removing the paint?

  • Q&A: Non-Slip Coatings for Tile Floors

    Q: We installed a ceramic tile floor in a kitchen. The client is now complaining that the floor is very slick when wet, leading to dangerous falls. Is there any way to retrofit a non-slip surface on a tile floor?

  • Q&A: Cracking Tiles in Shower

    Q: I have been called to inspect a shower with ceramic tile walls. The substrate is cementitious backerboard, and as far as I can tell, the tile was installed with thinset. There are hairline cracks running through the tiles on all three walls, both vertical and horizontal. There is a ceramic soap...

  • Q&A: Suitable Tiles for Outdoor Counter

    Q: I’m building an outdoor patio, and the plans call for a ceramic tile counter near the grill. What types of vitreous tile are suitable for outdoor use?

  • Grouting Ceramic Tile

    A master tilesetter shows how to select, mix, and apply grout for a longlasting and attractive tile job.

  • Q&A: Granite Tile Countertops

    Q: We are planning to use 1-foot-square granite tiles in a kitchen counter application because it is more affordable than granite slabs. Can I install the granite right over plywood, or do you recommend Durock as an underlayment? What type of grout would work best? How wide a space should we leave...

  • Q&A: Preventing Grout Stains on Kitchen Counters

    Q: I often hear clients complain that they like the look of their tile kitchen counters, but that it’s too hard to keep the grout lines clean. Is there any kind of grout that resists staining, or a sealer that works?