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Other stories by Michael Byrne

  • Q&A: Various Reinforcing Mud-Bed Tile Floors

    Q. What's the right type of mesh to use in a mud-bed tile floor? Should I use a self-furring lath (like the type used in stucco work) so that it centers itself in the mud?

  • Q&A: Tiling Over Old Linoleum

    Q. Is it okay to tile over an old linoleum floor? I'm concerned that the tiles might contain asbestos.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Prepping Wood-Framed Floors for Tile

    Prepping wood-framed floors for tile

  • Q&A: Steam Room Details

    Q. My customer wants to have her combination steam room–shower tiled with a nonglazed floor and wall tile she has already purchased. Is the tile suitable for this type of application? I would use Hardie’s Tile Backer for a substrate and the appropriate thinset mortar.

  • Q&A: Tile Over Painted Concrete

    Q: Can I install ceramic tile over a painted concrete floor without removing the paint?

  • Q&A: Non-Slip Coatings for Tile Floors

    Q: We installed a ceramic tile floor in a kitchen. The client is now complaining that the floor is very slick when wet, leading to dangerous falls. Is there any way to retrofit a non-slip surface on a tile floor?

  • Q&A: Cracking Tiles in Shower

    Q: I have been called to inspect a shower with ceramic tile walls. The substrate is cementitious backerboard, and as far as I can tell, the tile was installed with thinset. There are hairline cracks running through the tiles on all three walls, both vertical and horizontal. There is a ceramic soap...

  • Q&A: Suitable Tiles for Outdoor Counter

    Q: I’m building an outdoor patio, and the plans call for a ceramic tile counter near the grill. What types of vitreous tile are suitable for outdoor use?

  • Grouting Ceramic Tile

    A master tilesetter shows how to select, mix, and apply grout for a longlasting and attractive tile job.

  • Q&A: Granite Tile Countertops

    Q: We are planning to use 1-foot-square granite tiles in a kitchen counter application because it is more affordable than granite slabs. Can I install the granite right over plywood, or do you recommend Durock as an underlayment? What type of grout would work best? How wide a space should we leave...