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Other stories by Mike Guertin

  • Installing Continuous Flashing

    Code specialist, Glenn Mathewson, takes a look at a recent IRC provision allowing alternatives to traditional step flashing.

  • Installing a Flue-Top Damper

    Top-sealing dampers install quickly, seal out unwanted guests, and keep conditioned air from escaping out the chimney.

  • Proper Width of Flashing Tape

    It can be tricky to determine a minimum width when the window manufacturer refers to the code or the flashing-tape instructions, and the flashing-tape instructions and the code both refer you back to the window manufacturer or flashing-tape instructions.

  • Deck Ledgers and Water Table Trim

    The 2015 IRC allows a 1-inch-maximum sheathing thickness between the ledger and band joist, but it may be simpler to remove the trim and attach the ledger to the house

  • Q&A: Floor-System-Integrated Headers

    What are the guidelines for letting rim joists act as headers in a wall system?

  • Flashing a Curved Window With Straight Flashing

    How do you flash around a curved window when all you have is straight flashing tape?

  • Fastening Deck Ledger to an I-Joist Floor

    If you need to attach a deck ledger to a house with I-Joist floors, first figure out if the rim board is structural and go from there

  • Landings for Deck Stairs

    Even though deck landings are usually part of the deck stairs, they should be built as if they are a separate small deck

  • Laminating Stringers for Curved Deck Stairs

    A full-scale plywood template doubles as the base for the bending frame

  • Practical Green for Coastal Homes

    As green building grabs the attention of otherwise cautious home buyers, so does the potential for "greenwashing" — the efforts of overzealous marketers to label anything and everything "green." Selectively focusing on one feature while ignoring others, or intentionally misleading buyers about the...