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Other stories by Mike Guertin

  • More Shingle Art

    Quacks in the siding aren't always a problem.

  • Metal Connector Nailers

    As building codes address wind-zone construction with extra vigor, more metal hardware is being required to tie buildings together than ever before. Framing anchors, ties, hold-downs, braces, tie-downs, hangers, connectors, straps - every year more steel is needed to build and remodel houses. And...

  • Best-Practice Wall Shingles

    A rain screen offers the ultimate defense against water intrusion, provided you get the details right. That's easy enough to do with lap siding but considerably more complex with shingles. Custom home builder and remodeler Mike Guertin, who is accustomed to wind-swept rains in his area of the Ocean...

  • Shingle Art

    These vines won't rot the siding or harbor bird's nests.

  • Decorative Shingling

    Distinguish your sidewall work with this easy-to-build diamond design

  • Do Shakes Need an Underlayment?

    Q. Is it necessary to use felt paper or Tyvek behind cedar shakes on gable walls that are not heated or cooled?

  • Tuning Up a Pneumatic Nailer

    You can do it yourself as easily as you can drop the tool off at the tool shop.

  • Roof Ventilation for Coastal Homes

    Rhode Island builder Mike Guertin shares his strategies for beating leaks caused by wind-driven rain entering roof vents — and how to navigate building codes and shingle warranties in the process.

  • Top-Down Roofing

    Installing shingles in 4- to 7-foot lifts from the ridge down reduces granule loss and makes the job go faster.

  • Teach Classes & Win Customers

    A Rhode Island builder tells how teaching free classes in his community brings a stream of prequalified prospective clients.