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Other stories by Mike Guertin

  • Shingle Art

    These vines won't rot the siding or harbor bird's nests.

  • Decorative Shingling

    Distinguish your sidewall work with this easy-to-build diamond design

  • Do Shakes Need an Underlayment?

    Q. Is it necessary to use felt paper or Tyvek behind cedar shakes on gable walls that are not heated or cooled?

  • Tuning Up a Pneumatic Nailer

    You can do it yourself as easily as you can drop the tool off at the tool shop.

  • Roof Ventilation for Coastal Homes

    Rhode Island builder Mike Guertin shares his strategies for beating leaks caused by wind-driven rain entering roof vents — and how to navigate building codes and shingle warranties in the process.

  • Top-Down Roofing

    Installing shingles in 4- to 7-foot lifts from the ridge down reduces granule loss and makes the job go faster.

  • Teach Classes & Win Customers

    A Rhode Island builder tells how teaching free classes in his community brings a stream of prequalified prospective clients.

  • Q&A: Venting Hip Roofs

    Q: Can I use a ridge vent to vent a hip roof?

  • Q&A: Boxing in a Metal Chimney Above the Roofline

    Q: My company has been asked to enclose a triple-wall metal chimney with a rectangular chase above the roofline. The chimney vents a fireplace, and extends about 4 feet above the roof. The homeowners want to box in the chimney with framing, sheathing, sid

  • Installing Gable Roof Trusses

    On-the-ground layout and efficient use of a crane enable these Rhode Island builders to place, brace, and sheathe a truss roof in one day.