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Other stories by Patrick McCombe

  • Electrical Problem-Solvers

    When it comes to wiring, these tools and products can save you time and money

  • Men of Oak

    Most small businesses don't stick around for 50 years, so when Williams Hardwood Flooring made it to that important milestone, company president Jim Leslie decided to do something special: He commissioned chain-saw carver Michael Blaine of Winchester, N.H., to make a life-size sculpture of two...

  • Installing Sheet Piles

    When you live on a barrier island, just keeping your little piece of real estate from washing away is a constant struggle. Fred Sprinkle, a foundation and excavation contractor on Dauphin Island, Ala., frequently uses vinyl sheet pilings to keep the ground beneath his clients' homes from ending up...

  • Products

    Garage storage; windows; flashing

  • Hardware Show Roundup

    Cool tools and products from this year's event.

  • Products

    Basement finishing; brick & masonry; hvac grilles & registers

  • Innovative Products 2006

    Our annual pick of products designed to help you work smarter, faster, and better.

  • Products

    Panels; metal roofing; insulation

  • Toolbox

    Bosch Gravity-Rise table-saw stand; Ridgid Pro Pack vac; tile tools; levels

  • Products

    Decorative ceilings; paints & coatings; floor coverings