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Other stories by Patrick McCombe

  • Woods Industries LockJaw Locking Plug Extension Cords

    Few things are more irritating than having a power tool repeatedly come unplugged from an extension, or dealing with a knotted connection that keeps snagging on framing members or ladders.

  • General Cable FrogHide Ultra Flex Extension Cords

    Working outside in the winter usually means your extension cords will be about as supple as a frozen garden hose.

  • Forrest Duraline Thin-Rim Blades

    If you regularly cut high-pressure laminate, melamine, wood veneer, or acrylic sheet, Forrest's Duraline Thin-Rim blades promise reduced chipping and a better quality of cut.

  • Skil Ugly Recip Saw Blade

    Designed primarily for pruning and other fast cuts through wood, The Ugly recip-saw blade from Skil is perfect for trimming those overhanging limbs that get in the way while you're painting, siding, and roofing.

  • Irwin Marathon Saw Blades

    I've always found that Irwin's Marathon saw blades offer a good combination of value and performance.

  • Callander Equipment Hand Operated Jackhammer

    Sometimes setting up a jackhammer and a compressor takes longer than doing the actual work.

  • Niche Product Sales Muck-Truck

    Imagine a self-propelled wheelbarrow with four-wheel stability that's fun to operate.

  • Bobcat Landscape Rake

    You could spend hours and hours with an iron rake and a wheelbarrow prepping the soil around your new spec house — or you could jump into a compact loader equipped with a Landscape Rake and do the job in a fraction of the time.

  • Sawstop Blade-Stopping Cabinet Saw

    SawStop's innovative blade-stopping cabinet saw is popular with furniture makers and cabinetmakers for good reason:

  • L.S. Starrett ProSite Protractor

    When the original ProSite protractor was introduced several years ago, finish carpenters were delighted to discover a simple-to-use tool for measuring angles and determining miter-saw settings.