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Other stories by Paul Spring

  • Good Help Wanted

    Can’t find decent carpenters anymore? Successful builders and remodelers share their strategies for recruiting and hiring good help.

  • New Numbers for Dimensional Lumber

    The design values for lumber are changing after 12 years of testing. Here’s how the new numbers will affect the way you build.

  • Survey Results: Small Contractors Speak Out on Safety

    With ever-increasing regulations and skyrocketing insurance premiums, safety is getting more attention from builders and remodelers. Here’s how JLC readers approach the issue.

  • Plastic Tub-Shower Units

    It’s tempting to take whatever your supplier has on hand in plastic fixtures, but all units are not alike. Here’s a look at which materials perform best.

  • Pre-Fab Products for Site-Built Homes

    Manufactured components aren’t limited to structural panels and trusses. Here’s a wide-ranging collection of factory-made items for interiors and exteriors.

  • High-End Remodeling: Building on Customer Satisfaction

    Remodeling veteran Deva Rajan tells how his business has succeeded through careful management of customer concerns.

  • Inside Influences: Trends in Home Design

    Changes in the way Americans live; others are just whim. Either way, it pays to pay attention. Here’s a room-by-room look.

  • Residential Tear-Offs

    Stripping roof shingles is no one’s idea of a good time. But this survey of roofing contractors reveals tools and techniques that make the work neater, faster, and safer.