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Other stories by Rob Corbo

  • Retrofitting an Oversize Door in Structural Brick

    A row house gets a new, 900-pound, triple-glazed slider.

  • Small Garage Foundation Repair

    A mobile concrete mixer solved both budgetary and logistical problems

  • After the Storm: New Jersey

    Rob Corbo, contractor and regular JLC contributor, gives a firsthand account (with photos) of the damage to his hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey. With business receivables and revenues on hold, the next few weeks will be challenging.

  • Expanding a Kitchen

    Even a small addition presents a number of structural challenges.

  • Retrofitting a Steel Header

    Installing the two-piece assembly one C-channel at a time made it easier to support the masonry while opening the wall.

  • Combining Two Condos

    Real estate is scarce in Hoboken, N.J., so a few years ago our client decided to double his family's living space by buying the condo next door to his own and connecting the two units.

  • Installing a Flush Flitch-Plate Beam

    A small construction company builds a lot of bump-outs and similar additions. Find out one of the biggest challenges on this project.

  • Laying Block Steps

    Get a cast-in-place look with versatile CMUs installed over a reinforced slab.

  • Framing a 16-Sided Addition

    Accuracy in laying out and building the foundation helped keep the rest of the job on track .

  • Block Foundations for Small Additions

    If your crew has the skill and you own the right equipment, it may make sense to lay your own masonry foundations.