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Other stories by Roe Osborn

  • When Work And Life Overlap

    Roe Osborn admires the fine quality (and eclectic) interior details found in this historic Cape Cod mansion.

  • Removing & Replacing Strip Flooring

    Tips and tricks for taking out old boards and blending in new for a seamless look

  • Digitally-Drawn Facade

    Check it out, urges Roe: New exterior materials "drawn" in a new way.

  • Printing Houses

    Printing a house, I wonder what the local code official and the historical commission would have to say about THAT!

  • Opening Day Quandary

    For many folks who live out here, showering outdoors is a cherished experience from Spring until the first hard freeze, and I have literally been counting the days up to today.

  • Renting the Sun

    For a very minimal down payment, I will have a low fixed price per kWh for the next 20 years—basically renting the sun.

  • Warming up to Energy-Efficient Building

    Savvy builders embrace the changes that will make their houses perform better and be more durable.

  • Staying Warm on the Job

    In my fifteen years as a carpenter, I know that I struggled to keep myself warm working outside in the cold weather.

  • Photography Tip - Zoom Bracketing

    In photography, "Bracketing" is taking a series of the same picture, but changing some aspect of the photo such as exposure, or the zoom angle of the lens as you progress through.

  • Creativity - Maybe the Most Valuable Tool you Own!

    Letting creativity play an active role in your life will only enhance your ability to think creatively in your everyday work.