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Other stories by Ted%20Cushman

  • JLC Live Preview: Tile and Concrete Decks Over Living Space

    JLC Live, the construction industry’s top technical and business conference, is coming to the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, R. I. March 19- 22. As usual, the show will include a packed exhibit hall with hands-on demonstrations and clinics, along with a full roster of expert...

  • Flood Insurance Rate Rollback Headed for House Vote

    The House of Representatives could be ready to vote for its own version of legislation that will reverse, or at least delay, the coming increase in flood insurance premiums.

  • JLC Live Preview: Wall Bracing Hands-On Workshop

    A highlight from the upcoming JLC Live conference and trade show: a hands-on session about how to meet new code requirements for lateral bracing of walls.

  • Snow, Rain Cause Roof Collapses in Northeast

    A series of heavy snowstorms followed by two days of rain were too much for some roofs to handle in February.

  • Slideshow: Brooklyn Passive House Mechanicals

    Here’s a sneak peek at the Mitsubishi ducted mini-split heat pump and Zehnder energy recovery ventilator roughed-in at a Brooklyn, New York, passive house retrofit we’ve been following.

  • Brooklyn Brownstone Makeover: The Energy Analysis

    This winter, JLC is following the deep energy retrofit of a brick brownstone row house in Brooklyn, New York. This week, we talk to Passive House consultant Cramer Silkworth about the energy efficiency details for the home, including the mini-split air source heat pump heating and cooling system...

  • Is Contesting FEMA Flood Maps a Rich Man's Game?

    A three-part investigative report from NBC News charges that wealthy beachfront owners are succeeding at challenging flood risk maps, while average homeowners give up their costly appeals for lack of resources.

  • Maine High Court Supports Private Ownership of Kennebunkport’s Goose Rocks Beach

    In a case that has divided a small Maine town, the state’s highest court has sided with beachfront homeowners asserting property rights that extend all the way to the low tide line.

  • Private Flood Insurance for Florida? Not So Fast, Say Lawmakers

    Florida lawmakers want to take a second look at a proposed law that would make it easier for private companies to sell flood insurance policies competing with the federally-run National Flood Insurance Program. But one Florida flood insurance provider is already expanding into other states.

  • Some Flood Insurance Rate Hikes On Hold

    FEMA will wait 18 months to hike flood insurance premiums for some “grandfathered” properties, heeding language in the big spending bill passed by Congress in January. But controversy still rages in Congress over more sweeping measures to halt the big rate increases.