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Other stories by Ted Cushman

  • Is Contesting FEMA Flood Maps a Rich Man's Game?

    A three-part investigative report from NBC News charges that wealthy beachfront owners are succeeding at challenging flood risk maps, while average homeowners give up their costly appeals for lack of resources.

  • Maine High Court Supports Private Ownership of Kennebunkport’s Goose Rocks Beach

    In a case that has divided a small Maine town, the state’s highest court has sided with beachfront homeowners asserting property rights that extend all the way to the low tide line.

  • Private Flood Insurance for Florida? Not So Fast, Say Lawmakers

    Florida lawmakers want to take a second look at a proposed law that would make it easier for private companies to sell flood insurance policies competing with the federally-run National Flood Insurance Program. But one Florida flood insurance provider is already expanding into other states.

  • Some Flood Insurance Rate Hikes On Hold

    FEMA will wait 18 months to hike flood insurance premiums for some “grandfathered” properties, heeding language in the big spending bill passed by Congress in January. But controversy still rages in Congress over more sweeping measures to halt the big rate increases.

  • New Jersey State Program Wrongly Denied Sandy Aid, Report Says

    A contractor hired to administer New Jersey recovery aid after Hurricane Sandy wrongly denied grants to thousands of applicants, a nonprofit agency claims. In response to the report, the state has extended the deadline to appeal aid denials until March.

  • Brooklyn Townhouse Makeover: Reinforcing the Floor

    Engineered beams, steel joists, and flitch plates help bring a 19th-century Brooklyn brownstone into the 21st century.

  • Beefing Up a Brooklyn Brownstone's Floors and Roof

    A 100-year-old row house’s structural brick walls are more than adequate for the building’s loads. But the floors and roof? Not so much. Here’s a look at how the architect, engineer, and builder teamed up to get modern performance from a historic structure.

  • Florida Lawmakers Tackle Mineral Rights Issue

    Spurred by press reports that some homebuilders are retaining mining rights under houses they sell, Florida legislators are pushing disclosure and notice provisions in home sales contracts.

  • Brooklyn Passive House: Sealing the Envelope

    In a brick row house in Brooklyn, a builder applies advanced coatings and membranes in a quest to meet the stringent Passive House standard for air-tightness.

  • Cold Snap Tests High-Performance Homes

    Cold snaps and power failures have triggered a moment of truth for advanced energy-efficient homes in the Northeast. JLC talked with some homeowners to find out the facts.