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Other stories by Tilesetter Tom Meehan

  • Q&A: Cleaning Grout

    Q. I have a client who had a tile floor put down a few years ago. The tile installer told her the grout already had a sealer in it so no additional sealer was ever put on. Now the grout is stained, and she has been trying to clean it with bleach (the grout is white) but cannot stand the fumes. Is...

  • Q&A: Various Wheelchair Accessible Shower

    Q. We are building a new home on a slab foundation that is already poured. The customer uses a wheelchair and wants a curbless shower in a bathroom with a tiled floor. Is it possible to keep the bathroom floor level with the finish floors in the other roo

  • Q&A: Grout or Caulk?

    Q. When installing a mortar-bed shower floor, should the gap between the drain and the adjacent tiles be finished with grout or with caulk?