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Other stories by Tim%20Uhler

  • Best Corner Framing

    Q: What's the best way to frame outside corners?

  • Tool Test: Hardware Nailers

    Dedicated nail guns that will pay for themselves quickly.

  • New Framing Guns from DeWalt and Senco

    Recently I tested two nailers introduced in 2008. In keeping with the trend toward more compact framing guns, the SN902XP is Senco's smallest, lightest framer yet. DeWalt's D51850, by contrast, is larger and heavier than any of the company's previous models.

  • Faster Wall Framing

    By breaking the work into simple tasks, three men get one job done as quickly as possible.

  • Framing a Dutch Gable

    This method uses calculations and layout shortcuts to speed production.

  • Plumbing and Straightening Walls

    This quick, accurate method prevents problems with the framing and finishes that follow.

  • Toolbox

    PLS90E 90-degree layout laser; knives; heavy equipment

  • Getting Organized for Fast Framing

    Buy the right tools, make sure material's there when you need it, and break the job down into simple tasks.

  • Framing the First-Floor Deck

    The work goes faster if you use a laser, install anchor straps instead of anchor bolts, and measure as little as possible.

  • Framing Rake Walls

    Full-scale layout using actual rafters is fast and accurate