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Other stories by Tim Uhler

  • Framing the First-Floor Deck

    The work goes faster if you use a laser, install anchor straps instead of anchor bolts, and measure as little as possible.

  • Framing Rake Walls

    Full-scale layout using actual rafters is fast and accurate

  • Framing a Hipped Tray Ceiling

    With this method, all you need to calculate is the length of the hip and the run of a common.

  • Toolbox

    Grip-Rite joist-hanger nailers; masonry tools; storage

  • Fasteners for ACQ Plates

    Q. Fasteners for ACQ Plates What type of gun nails should you use with ACQ plates and mudsills? Is it necessary to use stainless steel and then switch back to regular nails for regular lumber?

  • Tool Test: Coil Framing Nailers

    Coils guns are heavier than stick nailers, so look for a well-balanced tool.

  • Toolbox

    Ridgid R350RHA round-head framing nailer; job icameras; cabinetmaking tools

  • Framing a Barrel-Vault Ceiling

    To simplify the layout, think in terms of a hip roof.

  • Toolbox

    Ridgid R3210 wormdrive saw; demolition tools; drill bits & drivers

  • Toolbox

    Fasco round-head stick nailer; DeWalt laser plumb bob; back-savers; electrical tools