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Other stories by Tom O'Brien

  • Plaster Repair Strategies

    Minimize demolition by patching cracks, resurfacing with fabric, or adding a layer of drywall

  • PSS1 Sharpening Tool

    A handy little system for honing blades on the job site

  • Patching Plaster

    Use setting compound and drywall patches to quickly repair holes in plaster

  • Safer Fish Tape

    Volt-Guard is designed to be used around live circuits

  • Versatile Torpedo

    With the DWHT43003, DeWalt has given the lowly torpedo level a significant upgrade

  • Tool Tether

    The Gear Keeper Retractable Lanyard is suitable for tools weighing up to a pound

  • Roll-Up Floor Protection

    FlexBoard is easier than hardboard to handle and store

  • Smaller Spa

    Aquatic's acrylic drop-in Starla Tub is sized to replace 60-inch bathtubs

  • Seamless Drains

    Lenova has redesigned its stainless steel sinks to eliminate the yuck factor

  • Salvaged Counters

    Heritage Countertops are made from hardwoods rescued from old buildings