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Other stories by Will Holladay

  • Framing an Elliptical Staircase

    Recently, my friend Nick Ridge and I took on a job in Northern California that had an interesting challenge — an elliptical staircase with a self-supporting inside stringer.

  • Stacking Supported Valleys

    A roof with intersecting hips and valleys will test the mettle of many a seasoned framer. Using examples from a recent project, a roof framing specialist explains the foolproof method he uses to lay out, cut, and install three complex configurations: valley-to-hip, valley-to-valley, and a...

  • Q&A: Steep Rafter Lengths

    Q: When cutting steep roofs, we often have problems getting the correct rafter lengths. It seems the steeper the roof gets, the lower the rafters hit on the ridge. We have been careful to double-check diagonals and our ridge height, but our first rafter is always too short, and we have to waste...

  • Q&A: Rafter Framing With Unequal Wall Heights

    Q: How do you figure rafter lengths for a gable roof when one wall is 10 feet high, and the other is 8 feet high (illustration A)? The span of the building is 24 feet. We want the roof pitch to be the same on both sides.

  • Framing Tower Roofs

    A production roof cutter and custom builder describes an easy method to frame a conical tower roof.

  • Production Roof Cutting

    A production framer turned custom builder explains efficient roof layout and cutting techniques for simple gables, hips, and valleys.

  • Toolbox: Production Framing Saws