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  • Bath-Fan Switch

    The DewStop switch turns the fan on or off in response to humidity and dew-point levels

  • Wind-Resistant Doors

    GlassCraft's Impact Fiberglass Entry Doors are approved for use in high-wind zones of Florida and Texas

  • Adjustable Column

    The Lally Lock is a three-part height-adjustable Lally column

  • Anticipating Price Fluctuations

    Contractors need to allow for material and labor price increases that may occur after they submit a quote

  • Purpose-Built Blades

    Milwaukee adds ductwork and drywall blades to its Sawzall lineup

  • Framing Decks With Steel Joists

    A New Jersey deck builder describes the advantages of steel framing

  • Super Stirrer

    The StirWhip's "fingers" are both flexible and strong

  • Less Clutter

    The Ladder Lift makes it easy to store even heavy ladders overhead

  • Rotary Hammer

    Makitaís LXTX2 is an update of the HRH01, except it uses two 18-volt batteries (instead of a single 36V)

  • Compact Powerhouse

    People who have tried the new M12 Fuel drivers say they pack a lot of power for their size