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  • Getting Started as an Insurance Adjuster

    When a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes, CAT-adjusters go to work, assessing damage for insurance companies. Contractors looking for a job that takes their stiff joints and aching back off the jobsite might consider using their experience in construction as a licensed adjuster.

  • JLC Report

    Can replacement windows live up to energy claims?; keeping basements dry; Florida prepares for global warming; more

  • Thinking Small

    MULTIFAMILY BORROWERS looking for small loans have to look a little harder these days.

  • Scientists Puzzle Over Hurricane Ike's "Forerunner" Wave

  • Worries Grow Over Major Portfolio Sales

    The possibility of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae selling a large portion of their lowincome housing tax credit (LIHTC) portfolios looms over the struggling tax credit market.

  • Private Money Steps Up

    SMALL, PRIVATE EQUITY GROUPS are flooding the marketplace, and investors are targeting cash-on-cash returns over internal rate of return (IRR), say industry experts.

  • NMTCs Spur Bridgeport Revival

    BRIDGEPORT, CONN.—The city's old downtown used to be as quiet as a graveyard on weekends, but that's starting to change as developers find ways to revitalize the neighborhood.

  • Safety Note

  • Economist Thornberg: This Too Shall Pass

    As an economist with UCLA's Anderson Forecast, Christopher Thornberg garnered a reputation as something of a pessimist.

  • Private Investors Drive Equity Market

    Small private equity groups are flooding the marketplace and investors are targeting cash-on-cash returns over internal rates of return, according to panelists on the equity investment session at the recent Apartment Finance Today Conference.