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More stories about Austin-Round Rock, TX

  • One Family at a Time in Austin

    Austin, Texas— A former addict who’s now in job training and reunited with her daughter, a video editor studying business management with plans to start his own theater center, and a small-plane pilot who lost his home after a back injury and is now working to become a physicians’ assistant: These...

  • Whole Foods, Austin, TeXas

    CHALLENGE Far from the sterile environment of a conventional supermarket, the inviting atmosphere of the Whole Foods Markets encourages shoppers to explore and linger. While retailers favor bright lights to lure customers to displays, general concerns over the use of traditional lamps, specifically...

  • Commendable Achievement, Outdoor - Frost Bank Tower

    With a significant presence both day and night, the Frost Bank Headquarters has created a signature feature for the Austin, Texas, skyline. As lighting design firm Cline Bettridge Bernstein (CBBLD) explains, 'the architect wanted a building that comes to a singular statement at the top; a clear...

  • Austin, Texas: Incentives to Aid AffordableProjects

    The Texas capital is trying to meet its affordable housing demands with an incentive program called SMART (Safe, Mixed-Income, Accessible, Reasonably Priced, Transit-Oriented) Housing.

  • Austin revives

    The leasing office at the Triangle has been busy since the first apartments in the project’s 335-unit first phase opened their doors in fall 2005.

  • TDHCA leadership changes: Carrington leaves for newpost

    Austin, Texas – Edwina Carrington, who has led the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) for the last four years, said it’s a logical time for her to move on.

  • Green Building For Profit

    These builders switched from commercial construction to environmentally responsible residential building — and they’ve learned how to make money at it.

  • Eight Penny News

    Lessons from Hurricane Erin, radiant barrier study, tax depreciation basics

  • Eight-Penny News

    Green builder programs, builders go on line, American-style framing withstands Japan quake

  • Energy-Saving Products for Energy-Efficient Homes

    Manufacturers have introduced a host of energy products designed to work in today’s tight homes. An energy expert takes a look at what’s new and noteworthy.