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More stories about Baltimore-Towson, MD

  • Trench Collapse Claims Life Of Maryland Man

    A man digging for a deck foundation was buried and killed Monday when the excavation collapsed on him.

  • Sylvan R. Shemitz

  • Green to the Rescue

    BALTIMORE — Dozens of vacant townhouses stood boarded up for more than a decade at Poppleton Cooperative, an affordable housing community in West Baltimore.

  • The Road to Recovery

    BALTIMORE’S RECOVERY hasn’t been as robust as its closest neighbor, Washington, D.C., but signs suggest that employment and economic growth are right around the corner.

  • Mid-Atlantic Stormwater Regs Slowed by Builder Backlash

  • Lesson Plans

    ABANDONED FOR MORE THAN A DECADE, the former manufacturing home of the H.F. Miller and Sons tin box company provides the opportunity for a development team to think outside of the box as it leverages New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) across the city of Baltimore.

  • From Homeroom to Home

    BALTIMORE Young teachers coming to work in the public school system here have found a home at Miller's Court, a new mixed-use development built with them in mind.

  • Baltimore Eyes New Programs to Boost Housing

    BALTIMORE— Much of this city's housing stock is more than 50 years old compared with an average of 30 years or more for the rest of the country. In addition, 80 percent of Baltimore's rental units are owned by “mom-and-pop” landlords—those who own fewer than five units.

  • Recovery Act Stimulates Code-Enforcement Energy

  • Developers Weather the Storm

    Affordable developers have struggled for years to fill vacant lots and repair abandoned buildings in the low-income neighborhoods of aging Northeastern cities.