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More stories about Baltimore-Towson, MD

  • Ex-Convent Offers Common Ground

    BALTIMORE - The spirit of St. Elizabeth Convent continues in Clare Court. A 30-unit affordable housing development, Clare Court serves families adopting children from the local foster care system, persons with disabilities, and seniors.

  • Baltimore convent provides multigenerational affordablehousing

    Baltimore—After serving the community for nearly 82 years as an orphanage and special education school, St. Elizabeth Convent has found yet another purpose: affordable housing.

  • Baltimore takes on HUD properties

    Baltimore Affordable housing advocates are growing increasingly frustrated as old, bankrupt affordable housing properties are auctioned off by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), often to owners that flip the projects to market-rate.

  • Products

    Contemporary range hoods, pro-duty ratchets, heat-loss calculator, time-saving floor finisher, laminate ceiling planks, carbide chop-saw blades, more

  • Letters

    Leave remodeling to professionals, base flashing detail for irregular foundations, pros and cons of forced-hot-air zoning

  • Computer Solutions: A Better ACT!

    New Act add-on for builders

  • Toolbox: Air Guns for Steel Framing

    Pneumatic nailers for steel framing

  • Strictly Business: Remodeling a Remodeling Company

    Downsizing a remodeling business

  • Notebook

    Strong economy brings stiff competition, employee background checks, designing a home office

  • Eight-Penny News

    Building on fill can be fatal, BOCA adopts new stair rules, verdict in Masonite suit