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  • Contractor Facing Jail Time For Katrina Ripoff

    An unlicensed contractor could get years in jail after a jury convicted him of swindling elderly homeowners in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Louisiana Builders Talk Back To Insurance Industry Critics

    The insurance industry’s Institute for Building and Home Safety says Louisiana has weakened its building standards, but the state’s HBA has a different take.

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    Sealed crawlspace testing sheds new light on energy performance ; Advanta shuts down its credit cards; students win clean-energy prize for rice-husk insulation panels; more


    BATON ROUGE—The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency (LHFA) forward allocated its 2008 tax credit authority in 2006 and 2007 for projects in the Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone and projects located outside the GO Zone requesting per capita low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs), said Brenda Evans, program...

  • Q&A: Is Treated Wood Weaker?

    Q: Is treated southern pine as strong as untreated southern pine? Can I use joist tables for untreated southern pine lumber to size treated joists?

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    Keeping up with OSHA regs, blood lead levels clarified, nail strength, OSB

  • Keeping the "Natural Look" on Wood Siding

    Can your natural wood siding stay forever young? An exterior finish contractor tells how you can come close.

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