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  • Exposed I-Joists

    Q: A client has asked me to build a practical outbuilding with a wood floor system. For simplicity's sake, I'd like to place it on a Sonotube foundation and use continuous-span wood I-joists. The bottom of the I-joists will be about 16 to 24 inches off the ground, and the perimeter joists will be...

  • Letters

    Roofing felt, rotary laser follow-up, plumbing a well pump, sizing supply pipes, more

  • By Design: Designing Overhangs with the Sun in Mind

    Roof overhangs for light and shade

  • Spray-Applied Foundation Waterproofing

    One way to ensure a dry basement is to coat the foundation with a waterproof membrane. We look at the available options and explain how to prepare for and apply them properly.

  • Letters

    Wood I-joist maker opposes APA standard, preventing ice dams at skylights

  • In Search of Simple, Low-Cost Ventilation

    By Steve Loken. If you build tight houses but aren't in love with air-to-air heat exchangers, there must be a simpler solution. This Montana builder has been experimenting.