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  • Raising a Small Shed Dormer

    There’s no time to waste when the roof is off the house. An experienced remodeler describes the methods he uses to strip the roof, cut the opening, and frame a dormer addition in just two days.

  • Installing Stone Counters

    When it comes to durability and lasting beauty, stone has no match. A veteran fabricator describes the tools and techniques she uses to prep and install granite countertops.

  • Q&A: Substrates for Tile Countertops

    Q: Can countertop tiles be installed directly to a plywood base?

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  • For What It's Worth

  • Sub or Employee?

    As skilled labor grows scarcer, reliance on subs is increasing. To protect yourself from legal liability and tax penalties, make sure you follow these guidelines.

  • To Paint or Stain?

    In the can, exterior paints and stains look much the same, but on the house, the difference in performance can be dramatic. Here’s how to pick your finish.

  • Detail: Two Classic Trim Styles

    A finish contractor shows how to satisfy Classical or Victorian tastes using off-the-shelf moldings and a little imagination.

  • Turning Trash Into Cash

    Slowly but surely, recycling is coming to the building industry. JLC explores the debris pile to evaluate small contractors’ options.