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  • Can This Planner Save Detroit?

    An interview with Toni L. Griffin, the star urban planner hired to reshape Detroit.

  • Fire Sprinkler Mandate Sparks Political Backlash

  • Boston Capital Invests in S.C. Development

    Boston Capital has invested in Grandview Apartments, a 72-unit development that is being built by apHumanities Foundation in Charleston, S.C.

  • 2009 Hurricane Season Fizzles Out

  • Retrofitting a Brick Wall With Insulation

    I'm rehabbing an old brick house in Charleston, W.V. I want to insulate the exterior walls, which are balloon-framed with 2x4s, unsheathed, and finished with brick. There's a 1- to 2-inch air space between the 11/2-story-high frame wall and the brick siding, and a weep system at the base of the...

  • The Cost of Housing

    CHARLESTON, S.C.—Joseph P. Riley Jr. is serving an unprecedented ninth term as mayor of this Southern city.

  • The View from City Hall

    The need for affordable housing is surging in cities across the nation, according to leading mayors.

  • Centex Targets Low Country with Efficient Home Models

  • Waking Up to Workforce Housing

    Across the South, cities, counties, and regional government groups are waking up to the need for workforce housing.

  • Helping Homeless Women Veterans

    Crisis Ministries in Charleston, S.C., sheltered four homeless women veterans in 2006. In 2007, it had served 16 with two months left to go.