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  • Branching Out

    Architects are offering supplemental services as a way of staying afloat in a tough economy.

  • The New Normal, part 2

    Can urban, multifamily rentals drive the economy forward?

  • North Carolina Compromises on Energy Code

  • N.C. Nonprofit Achieves Green Firsts

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Affordable Housing Group of North Carolina, a nonprofit developer based in Charlotte, is taking affordable housing to a new level in the state.

  • One Bryant Park

    One Bryant Park, located just a block from Times Square on 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue, is scheduled to be the first LEED Platinum–certified skyscraper in the United States. Designed to house the New York offices of Bank of America (BoA), the building aspires to be a landmark, both for its...

  • Manufacturer Moves July 14, 2008

  • Lessons From the Corporate World

    Imagine two builders. Builder No. 1 is an experienced project manager who decides to start his own business. His technical skills are finely honed, he knows how to manage a crew and schedule, and he builds homes that customers love. But a few years after hanging out his shingle he is still...

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Paragon Lighting has merged with Varon Lighting Group of Elmhurst, Ill., doubling Varon's volume. Paragon's present management will be retained.Charlotte, N.C.-based Nexxus Lighting has announced its intent to acquire LED lighting manufacturer Lumificient Corp. The transaction is expected to close...

  • First Advantage SafeRent Releases Third Quarter MAR Index

    Resident screening provider First Advantage SafeRent recently released its Multifamily Applicant Risk (MAR) Index for the third quarter of 2008.


    RALIEGH—North Carolina housing officials may have mercy on cost-strapped affordable housing developers next year.