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  • Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina

    trading floors are traditionally gloomy, stifling, windowless, and intense working environments crammed with professionals either scurrying about or enchained to desks. But Bank of America's (BoA) Charlotte, North Carolina, trading floor-winner of 2005 Lumen and IIDA Award of Excellence...

  • Muddy Waters

    Few dispute that construction-site erosion poses a significant problem. Muddy roads and cloudy streams tied to a decade-long nationwide building boom have left many residents eager for a clampdown, especially in coastal areas, where water quality is a crucial issue. For contractors, the upshot is...

  • Business

    Moving the schedule from paper to the computer; taking credit cards; protecting against plywood and lumber price spikes

  • Running a Production Trim Business

    An interior trim carpenter whose company specializes in servicing large national builders tells how to produce a high-quality interior finish quickly and efficiently.

  • Notebook

    Preparing for a future economic slump; houses collapse in Philadelphia; heat kills; certified green trusses; hiding garage doors; use renewable energy in Colorado or pay the price; more

  • Letters

    Asphalt shingle recycling, crown molding tip, on the durability of vinyl siding, how to enter the building trades

  • Eight-Penny News

    Pier foundation failure, EIFS hides moisture problems, electrical code changes, termites versus foam

  • Eight-Penny News

    Qualified Framer program, OSHA inspectors target small builders, retread roof, new itchless fiberglass insulation

  • Letters

    Building inspector defends practices, R-value of cellulose insulation, L.A. quake revisited

  • Legal: Protecting Lien Rights

    Subcontractor lien rights can't be waived by a GC